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Old 09-27-2009, 02:27 PM
brdubois brdubois is offline
Honored Poet
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I like to watch the hay baler,
but I cannot understand all the motions.
I asked my soybean farmer son
how they could have invented those machines.
He said they just studied hands
and made the machines do what hands do.
I see, sometimes I rake with my fingers
instead of getting the rake from the shed.
How did we manage before machines?
How will we manage after machines
when we have run out of fuel to feed them?

Barbara from the country.


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02-23-2010, 06:57 PM Old

We would be assigned arithmetic homework

In the evening I would watch TV or

Shoot my B B gun or

Ride my bike instead

The next morning

Mrs. Wressler would say to the class at ten-thirty:

Anybody who did not do their homework

Can stay in for recess and get it done

Out I would go

To play softball with the boys

Too guilt ridden to enjoy it much

Running out to recess with your homework not done?

Mrs. Wressler would gasp, later on

As the whole class recoiled in horror

What will your parents say?

They would be disappointed and heartbroken of course

Id be punished and would buckle down

For a while

But pretty soon, Id be back out there

On the playground again

Half a century later

I can still be discovered

Running out to recess

Less guilty by only the

Palest of shades

2010 Gair Linhart
gair88 gair88 is offline
Poetry Blog Host
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