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Lightbulb New Mexico leads way into final frontier

New exhibit explores space frontiers
Albuquerque—The New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science and the New Mexico Museum of Space History have come together to create the exhibition, Space Frontiers.

Open to the public Friday, May 15, 2009, Space Frontiers features the rich heritage and exciting future of space exploration in New Mexico. From ancient Native American observatories at Chaco Canyon to modern day facilities such as the Very Large Array astronomical radio observatory, New Mexico’s clear skies and high altitudes have provided an ideal location to study the heavens.

New Mexicans may not realize what a major role our state has played in the understanding and exploration of space. But, from the experimental rocketry of Robert Goddard to Spaceport America, New Mexico’s open space and low human population have provided ideal conditions for developing aerospace technologies.
According to New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science Executive Director, Hollis J. Gillespie, “New Mexico has a rich history of scientific discovery, and one of the leading areas of discovery has been and continues to be in astronomy. The exhibition, Space Frontiers, presents some amazing facets of astronomy, including using the stars to make maps, the invention of rockets, the discovery of a planet, and the human exploration of space.”
With a variety of artifacts on long-term loan from the New Mexico Museum of Space History, in addition to an amazing interactive component that interprets the Sun Dagger of Chaco Canyon, this exhibition showcases our state’s history and contributions to how we see and travel beyond our planet earth.

"We are very pleased to work with the New Mexico Museum of Natural History on this exhibit. The expertise of these professionals will truly make this story come to life," said New Mexico Museum of Space History Director Randall Hayes. He added, "this collaboration presents exciting opportunities for our two museums to work together again in the future, a prospect that we certainly look forward to."

ABOUT THE NEW MEXICO MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY AND SCIENCE The New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science, a division of the New Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs, is a regional center of excellence in scientific research, exhibits, and science education. The mission of the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science is to foster an understanding and appreciation of the diverse natural history and physical sciences of New Mexico and the Southwest for the benefit of residents of, and visitors to, New Mexico.

Located at the top of Hwy 2001, the "Golden Cube" of the New Mexico Museum of Space History can be seen from almost every point in Alamogordo. Founded in 1976 as the International Space Hall of Fame, the museum is a premier tourist destination, hosting over 100,000 visitors each year. The mission of the museum is to educate the people of New Mexico and its visitors from around the world about the history, science and technology of space exploration. The New Mexico Museum of Space History is a division of the New Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs.



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