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December '05 - January '06 Previews and Reviews of Events of Interest in December, 2005 through January, 2006

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Default London Frontier Theatre Co. explores the magic of the season

Magdalena – The mountains are white with snow that has begun to swirl across the valley and through the small New Mexican town. A musician plays carols to wish passers-by a Merry Christmas, and people are preparing their homes for the Holidays. Lurline and Anne are no exception - working frantically in the cold to build a shelter for themselves out of scraps of lumber and cardboard found at the dump. London Frontier Theatre Co. presents "The Long Ride of Old St Nick" on Friday, Dec. 9 and Saturday, Dec. 10 at 7 pm and a Sunday, Dec. 11 matinee at 2 pm in the Magdalena Historic WPA gym, Main and Fourth St.

In the play, Winter Solstice, the shortest day and longest night of the year, has passed; Light and Hope have begun a slow return to the world. Amidst the struggle for survival, small miracles appear: a stray Pup, starving and scared but eager to be their devoted guardian; a ragged old armchair with magical properties; a Christmas Eve dinner of fine holiday fare; a strangely-compelling “Captain” who is alternately grandiose and confused, wrathful and kindly; and a beautiful little Fir Tree who gives new meaning to “bringing in the seasonal greenery.”

The music of the shivering Street Player echos the shifting kaleidoscope of moods - soaring and grim, light-hearted and nostalgic - as “the hopes and fears of all the years are met” in "The Long Ride of Old St Nick". Join us for a lively journey through the faith, hope, humor, and eternal renewal of the spirit that we celebrate at this Season, the return of the Light to the world.

Performers are Diane Allen, Donna Todd, Robbie Zamora, Elija Ware and Donald Wiltshire, all of Magdalena, with Laurie Ware providing live music, both traditional carols and original compositions. LFTC Tech Director Don Wiltshire is also set and lighting designer. Script and direction are by Donna Todd; Michael Mideke is videographer.

Since making Magdalena its home in 1996, London Frontier Theatre Company has presented 38 original productions, including 10 episodes of the popular “LOST WIFE CREEK” series, set in rural New Mexico in the Great Depression era, and the new “WESTERING” series, just begun. To view video and images from the Saturday, Dec. 10, performance visit our news gallery titled: "The Long Ride of Old St Nick". For more images of past LFTC performances, please visit their photogallery.

LFTC offers a variety of plays from original scripts, ensemble work, and adaptations of literary classics and contemporary writings, incorporating the area's vivid multi-cultural history to create exciting, entertaining theatre.

Tickets are $3.50 for Adults, $2.00 for Children. For reservations (advised) and further information: (505) 854-2519 or; or visit our website at

Major funding for this project by the McCune Charitable Foundation of Santa Fe.



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December '05 - January '06
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Old 12-12-2005, 11:57 AM
Great Show!
My wife and I went up to Magdalena this past weekend to see the LFTC play. It was a very enjoyable performance and the cast did a great job. It was also a truly touching reminder of what it's like to be the poorest of the poor in this season of the year.

It was a great show. And I believe everyone who attended thoroughly enjoyed the performance. Thanks to Donna Todd and her delightful cast of thespians for providing yet another delightful evening at the theater.

Watch for a new photo gallery that should appear sometime today featuring a few photos I shot during the performance.

Happy Holidays to All! And thanks again to the outstanding cast and crew of LFTC...

Greg & Linda Platt
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